Financial Advisor

An international leader, Tracy served for over 15 years as the Chief Financial Officer in three major corporations in Central and South America before relocating to Raleigh, North Carolina.  From this experience she brings to the team an insider’s perspective regarding the challenges faced by the Board of Directors and financial professionals in launching new companies in a variety of countries, and the required restructuring of existing entities in preparation for mergers, acquisitions or for-profit divestitures.  She has also advised on such issues as the governance of family firms, business valuations, financial feasibility studies and capital structure management. 

Her passion is centered on helping clients use their business entity to accumulate assets and wealth while realizing their dreams.  “I like working with individuals to help them make sound, objective and non-emotional decisions about their risk management and their wealth accumulation,” says Tracy.  “It’s very satisfying to see a smile on a client’s face when the ideas we propose as a team match their needs and desires.  We really make a difference in their life.”  Her strategic focus on foreign-born executives is derived from an understanding of the complexities they face as a kindred spirit, and a sense of urgency to provide them with answers.

Tracy was born and raised in Guatemala to American expatriates who worked with both the U.S. Embassy and family owned businesses.  She migrated to the United States as a teenager and later attended North Carolina State University where she obtained her Masters of Science in Management with a concentration in Finance.  In addition, she holds B.A. in Economics and B.A. in Business Management degrees with summa cum laude honors, and a minor in French.  She also lived in France for a year during her undergraduate studies and attended the Université de Franche-Comté. 


Tracy and her husband, Charles, reside in Raleigh with their two children.  They enjoy fencing, water-skiing and going on mission trips.  She is a volunteer at the Point Church helping manage the Care Fund, a financial crisis fund designed to help individuals in the community that have an emergency.  In addition, she loves teaching undergraduate business classes such as Corporate International Finance, Financial Management and Introduction to Business.



Our talented team is multicultural and multilingual, to help meet the needs of our global clientele.  We encourage you to learn more about us here, and we look forward to meeting you in person.

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