List of Services

We strive to provide our clients with comprehensive financial analysis and plan, which should touch on every aspect of your financial life.  This plan endeavors to fit your current situation, but also be flexible to change as your life changes.  Our services include:

I.    Financial Statements

  • Develop and analysis of financial statements and cash flow to understand current picture and monitor throughout time to maximize planning strategies.

  • Develop 5 year cash flow for short / medium term planning, including income and capital gains tax planning, best utilization and timing of surplus, timing to exercise stock options, etc.

  • Formulate and coordinate your blueprint with all your active Advisors to ensure cohesive planning.

II.     Group and  Executive Benefits

  • Analyze current benefits and their impact to your current and future financial picture.

  • Evaluate alternative strategies to enhance current benefits package.

III.    Risk Management and Asset Protection

  • Audit insurance coverage(s) including life, disability income, long term care, and liability / umbrella.

  • Review the impact of rising healthcare costs to your retirement nest egg if there’s no appropriate risk management and asset protection in place.

IV.    Investment Planning

  • Identify and discuss alternatives designed to help reduce income tax liabilities for your domestic and foreign assets (if applicable), as they relate to your investments.

  • Evaluate investment strategies not co-related to the stock market to complement your overall picture and true diversification strategy.

  • Coordinate with your investment advisor to make sure your plan is in line with your investments planning in terms of risk, asset allocation and tax efficiencies.

V.    Retirement Planning

  • Analyze your present retirement plans to determine their impact on achieving your projected retirement needs / goals.

  • Using agreed upon assumptions for inflation, tax rates and rates of return; determine whether your future projected resources are sufficient to fund the desired level of retirement.

  • Identify additional retirement planning opportunities where appropriate.

  • Determine whether or not your retirement objectives are attainable in the event of a long term disability or long term care need.

  • Evaluate alternative tax-advantaged programs and their impact to your overall retirement picture.

VI.    Education Planning

  • What are the specific needs / desires for the education of your kids?.
    - Public vs. Private

  • Analyze inflation adjusted projections.

  • Evaluate different taxed favored savings / investments strategies to achieve appropriate funding

VII.    Estate Planning  (Protection, Conservation and Distribution )

  • Audit estate and tax plan to maximize estate preservation.

  • Analyze current estate distribution plan and determine effectiveness to preserve assets in your estate.

  • Audit current asset protection plan to preserve estate in the event of premature death, disability, health care need or liability event.

  • Evaluate alternative strategies that may help reduce or eliminate estate taxes.

  • Review existing life insurance contracts. Focus on ownership and beneficiary designation of contracts. Determine whether contracts will avoid estate taxation. Evaluate the cost/benefit relationship of existing contracts.

  • Determine potential estate & income tax consequences.

  • Evaluate alternatives to create liquidity for potential estate taxes.