Alvaro Munoz

Partner/Business Development

Joining forces with the team to develop and grow Global Wealth is the natural continuation of Alvaro Munoz’ 25-year career in international wealth management. As one of the members of the Global Wealth team, Alvaro brings a diverse skill set, experiences and interests to benefit the financial planning needs of the firm’s international clientele.

Originally from Colombia, Alvaro pursued a degree in Industrial Engineering, yet chose to work in the banking sector, before deciding to move to the United States. “I went into engineering because I love to think logically,” he says. “I decided to work in banking because I love building relationships with people,” he adds.

Starting out in the credit card division at SunTrust Bank, Alvaro worked his way up the ranks, demonstrating entrepreneurial talent and management skill along the way. Alvaro’s 25-year career at SunTrust included developing an International Wealth Management division focused on the Latin American sector by  spearheading a Private Client Group for Latin American clients.

Looking back, Alvaro cherishes the opportunity he had to develop constructive collaborations and lead people in a positive direction. Not surprisingly, these are precisely the skills that make him the perfect fit for Global Wealth’s clientele. “Clients are very interested in our work because our specialty is so well-defined, and we are able to educate them on how to overcome financial challenges they may have perceived as impossible to overcome” says Alvaro.

Alvaro obtained his undergraduate degree in Engineering from the Universidad Autonoma in Colombia, and a master’s degree in Spanish Literature from Georgia State University.  Outside of work Alvaro teaches Spanish and International Business at a local Atlanta college. He also enjoys cycling and studying literature.



Alvaro and his wife, Fanny, reside in Miami. They have four grown children.


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